How Debt Collectors in South Africa Collect Debt From Overseas

We are debt collectors in South Africa who can assist you with debt collection from another country.

For someone who isn’t familiar with international debt collection laws, it can be very difficult to recover debt from overseas.

In order for transnational debt collection to be successful, all of the relevant foreign financial regulations of the country must be taking carefully into consideration.

International debt collection South Africa

How Does International Debt Collection Work?

Many people or business owners become despondent when their debtor relocates to a foreign country as they think that recovering this debt is impossible.

However, as experienced debt collectors in South Africa, we know that, although collecting debt from someone overseas may be more challenging, there are channels which can be followed to make successful debt collection possible.

Steps in Debt Collection Process

Usually, we will first make use of our own internal processes and resources to track down your debtor and recover the money owed to you.

However, should this fail, we will then begin to make contact with the relevant international debt collector to request assistance from their side.

Debt collection agencies all over the world usually have good working relationships with one another.

This means that foreign debt collection agencies will be willing as well as able to use their expertise and resources to track down debtors that have left the country before settling their debts.

International agencies are governed by an ethical code of conduct just as debt collectors in South Africa are.

This ensures professional appropriate action will always be taken while following the necessary steps and relevant protocol regarding the process of international debt collection.

International Debt Collection

Many people think that emigrating will automatically erase the debts they left in the country they have left.

However, debt is something that will follow a person no matter where they are and by using a qualified and experienced debt collection agency, your chances of successfully recovering money owed to you by someone overseas is dramatically increased.

Able Tracers – Debt Collectors in South Africa

At Able Tracers, we have good working relationships with debt collectors all over the world who are eager to assist us in successfully collecting debt on behalf of our clients.

For more information about our fast, efficient and effective debt collection services, including international debt collection, please feel free to contact us.

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